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When you purchase a design from us you are granted instant access to a page like this. We will never include any DRM (digital rights management) software, download limits, or other tricks that serve to restrict you from accessing, modifying or combining designs.

Download & Print Angry Fish By Edward Lee

Here you can print and/or download your purchased Tattoo Friendly® reference in a variety of ways. Note that all downloadable images are provided at 300 DPI resolution in order to provide to you the highest level of quality. This results in large file sizes, but we felt this level detail was necessary to give you and your tattooist maximum flexibility. If you have any problems with downloading or printing your design please contact us.

Use our Print Utility to print your design and stencil directly from our website. This is the quickest way to prepare your new Tattoo Friendly reference for your tattooist. Please note that our Print Utility requires Adobe Flash Player.

These buttons will load the high-resolution JPEG formatted Design and Stencil images directly in your browser. From there you can right-click (ctl-click on a Mac) the images to save them to your computer or print the images using your web browser's built-in printing capabilities.

Download both the high-resolution JPEG formatted Stencil and Design packaged as a ZIP archive. You will need a computer capable of opening the ZIP file format. This is the quickest way to download directly to your computer both of the reference images your tattooist needs.

You may also download PNG formatted versions of the Stencil and Design packaged in a ZIP archive. The PNG file format contains the most detail and resolution. These images also feature transparent backgrounds to make modifying or combining designs easier. This is the format recommended for those who intend to use a computer to modify their reference.